NovaData is a software system developed by Nova Sylva to facilitate
the collection, management and analysis of environmental data.



Nova Data System


NovaData is a software system developed by NovaSylva to facilitate the collection, management and analysis of environmental data. Using an electronic tablet, the NovaData application provides customized forms that are filled-out on the field. The recorded information is then easily transferred to a centralized database, allowing mapping and analysis of the collected data.


datacollectionplayUsing an electronic tablet, the NovaData application provides customized forms that are filled-out in the field. Each operator can quickly and easily upload data to the NovaData system to facilitate the management of field data.


FORMS – The forms can include multiple choice questions and open-ended answers to be completed using the tablet keyboard. Once completed, a GPS point is taken automatically and photos can be added using the tablet’s camera.

Map data

MAPS – By combining the map interface and its GPS, the tablet is an efficient tool to navigate and learn about the status of the different activities in an area. Base maps can be tailored to your needs and can include federal topographic maps. The application may include other shapefiles (polygons/points) that can be added to delineate areas of intervention or identify places to go.


CAMERA – For each form completed, NovaData allows the user to attach photos taken using the tablet’s camera. The photos are automatically linked to the form and transfered to the central database with the rest of the information. The pictures can be viewed both from the tablet or the PC.


CALENDAR – A calendar is integrated into the application. It allows for recall of planned corrective actions of non-compliant activities. Upon opening the calendar, the user can quickly review all tasks to be completed.

databaseplayMultiple users can access your most up-to-date data from anywhere, anytime. The system is specifically designed to allow the collection of large amounts of data from remote areas where cellphone connections are unavailable. It allows for remote consultation of the most up-to-date data, production of reports, and verification of the current status of a particular project.


SYNCHRONIZATION – Wi-Fi access allows for quick transfer of data collected on the field (forms and photos) into the centralized cloud database. Using the PC interface, manager can also remotely transfer new projects, forms or shapefiles to a tablet user in the field.

fielddataplayNovaData is a software system developed by NovaSylva to facilitate the collection, management and analysis of environmental data. In-office project managers, and senior management can quickly access field data and make decisions that will help operators in the field.


FORMS – A simple and user-friendly PC interface allows the administrator to create new forms, modify questions and answer options on existing forms. Since the updating of the electronic tablets is done automatically and remotely, workers always use the most recent version of the forms.


PROJECT MANAGER – Using their PC, a manager can develop new projects and assign them to the foreman in charge. The foreman can remotely gain access to the project on their electronic tablet by synchronizing through internet via Wi-Fi. The use of templates (groups of forms) makes creating new projects fast and easy.


ACTIVITY STATUS – A tool allows querying the database to create a list of activities based on their status. It is easy to generate a list of non-compliant activities, completed activities on a given day, or all completed forms for a particular activity (e.g. culvert inspection, health and safety inspection). It is also easy to view information through the map interface.


REPORTS – Forget data compilation! Summaries are automatically prepared thanks to the pre-formatted reports. Thus, it is possible to generate summaries and periodic reports in just a few clicks. These reports can include maps, photos and lists of activities. NovaData also has a data export DBF format module to transfer information to other software.


MANAGERS – Leaving behind paper forms and adopting NovaData is appreciated by managers as it enables them to have quick access to vital information from the field allowing them to make timely and informed decisions. In addition, NovaData allows better control of business operations while reducing costs associated with managing this information.

FOREMEN / TECHNICIANS – NovaData allows foremen / technicians to have access through a single tool to mapping capability, GPS, camera, and the most recent version of any forms they may require. No more transcription errors and data entry at night at the hotel!

AUDITORS – Whether for internal or external audits, NovaData™ greatly facilitates the work of managers by gathering all field information in one place. Pre-formatted reports accelerate the transmission of information to auditors.


FORESTRY – NovaData is used to conduct environmental monitoring (e.g. culvert inspection, evaluation of the loss of productive areas, collect information on endangered or vulnerable species), inspect heavy equipment (harvesters, excavators), or for health and safety inspections.


ENVIRONMENT – NovaData is used to locate and describe species at risk, to characterize wetlands and other sensitive habitats. It can also be used to gather information about the presence of the ash borer  and other invasive species in urban areas.


MINING – NovaData is a powerful tool for collecting soil remediation data, mapping wildlife habitat and collecting marine information. It can also be used to conduct equipment and health and safety inspections.


ENGINEERING – NovaData is used to track the progress of road construction and improvement, inspect the maintenance work of heavy Equipment, and control the work quality.

Jean-Sébastien Perron, Lauzon Ressources Forestières

NovaData™ lets me remotely monitor operations in the field. It is a user-friendly tool which greatly simplifies the management of information (no more paper!).

Marc Couturier, Forespect

This software is ideal for collecting and analyzing data to meet the needs of our environmental management system. With NovaData™, the forms are customized and the PC interface is simple and practical. Moreover, since the database is centralized, the field data collected by our foremen are gathered in one single location, and are easy to access at any time.


Michel Dubé, M.C. Forêt

The implementation of NovaData™ is such a relief! Simplicity and speed. Suddenly everything becomes much easier and pleasant. This tool is as much fun to use as a smartphone.

Joël Carpentier, Commonwealth Plywood

Who would have thought that after 30 years of recording forest inventory data on paper, I would switch to digital? Since I used the NovaData™ application as part of a specific inventory project, I cannot work without my tablet!

Does NovaData work even without access to a cellular network?

NovaData was developed to work equally well with or without access to the cellular network. The synchronising mechanism ensures data are efficiently transferred from the tablet to the PC and vice-versa.

What is the programming language?

The tablet runs on Android OS and the application is programmed in JAVA. The database is managed by MySQL. The management interface runs under Windows. Communication between the system components passes through the Apache-Tomcat web server.


Which tablets can be used with NovaData?

Any tablets and Android phones can be used with the NovaData system and the majority of tablets were tested for proper operation.


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